From John Michaelson, Former Owner

Hello. I am John Michaelson, the original owner and the one who first compiled the entire site in 2000.

I sincerely apologize for not returning to anyone’s question or making updates and changes recently, but my involvement with the site is minimal since I was forced to sell it back in 2018. Since then it has been sold a second time and I got lost in the shuffle somewhat when the first purchaser abandoned the site and never offer the right of refusal to either myself or my partner, Jarrett Nolan. Had he done so, I think I/we would have re-purchased my site and begun where we, myself, Jarrett, and Stan Messmer, had left off.

We strived sincerely to correct and update material on a nearly daily basis when the site was owned by me and ran by myself and friends/partners. But I am seeing that concept has been abandoned, as well.

I never produced this site for money. I purposely left off any and all advertising and any bells or whistles that have been added since. It was not about the money, it was about the passion of it. It was a plain, but effective simple-texted site made for the sole purpose of fans of the charts, music lovers, etc, to find the information I have strived to offer for many decades. This was a passion for me since 1979 when I was 11 years old working at my father’s record store. I formed the website on a Geosite website builder in 2000, before moving it to a blog site in 2013, before it was sold in 2018.

I do apologize that the site is no longer holds the passion it once did by fans of the medium with no direction other than to just have fun and enjoy the site. I am sincerely sorry to have sold the site, but my circumstances forced me to sell it. I am alive today because of the site - literally.

I hope you all have patience with the new owners and hopefully, maybe, they will jump back into the passion as I, Jarrett, and Stan had building this site up from nothing.

Dear John, (@jtmichaelson) thanks for sharing this!

I emalied the following text to Admin, expeting to get some help on your data:

I’m writing my bachelor thesis on “music & society” or “sociology of music”. For my analysis I need popular songs (or albums) from the 60’, 70’, 80’, 90’,00’, 10’. I could luckly find in your web page the most popular albums for all these decades but for the last one (2010-2020). Is there a way to get this information? Could you otherwise provide me with the methods you use to construct the other decade charts and so maybe I can reconstruct the last decade chart?

Or do you maybe have some data which shows the most popular albums for each year? This would also be helpful.

I would really appreciate some help regarding this data. If you are interested in my research I would be happy to share it with you.

I found the Billboard charts of the 200 popular albums of 2010-2020:

Do you think (know) they use a similar method as you did? This is important to me in order to make comparative analysis between years. Thank you very much in advance!!