Is Anyone Still Maintaining/Updating This Website

Serious question: is anyone still maintaining and updating this website? It seems to have gone dormant. I posted a few topics in the Website Errors category of this Community page last year, and even though I received some replies to them, the corrections have yet to be made. Sorry to be a pain in the arse about it.

I’m sorry Steve. I know it does suck and I hate that things turned out the way it did. This site was my passion and love for many, many years. I sold it under some stressful circumstances to a buyer that was seemingly passionate about keeping everything as I had ran it before 2018. He then later sold it and I’ve kind of gotten lost in the shuffle after I was never offered the right of refusal. Had he respectfully done so, I might have worked out repurchasing my website.

But I remember you and the help you’ve given me and the “boys”, Jarrett Nolan and Stan Messmer. We all miss the old way things were when we three were the only ones working the site daily, striving to make it 100% accurate and complete.

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