Remembering Casey Kasem

@jtmichaelson the founder and lead contributor to, remembers Casey Kasem as his “first radio idol” and where his love for music and the charts began.

“I’ve been listening to Casey as far back as 1978 (when I was only 10). It was in 1979 that I began recording these charts as you see them now and followed them religiously until 1989.”

You can read John’s full article here.

What are your memories of Casey Kasem and following the charts?

I listened American Top 40 as a youth growing up in the seventies in the Boston area. The show aired sunday mornings. A radio station in Plymouth.Mass airs a 70’s & 80’s countdown every Sat-Sun morning.

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Hey @nsbombers thanks for sharing.

Maybe we could arrange a weekly meet up where people could tune in at the same time and chat about the Plymouth.Mass show live?