Wrong Record Label Listed for Entries by Band 38 Special in Year 1984

With the exception of the listings of “Teacher Teacher” by the band 38 Special, all the song listings in the weekly charts for the band 38 Special in the year 1984 at Top40Weekly.com are displaying the wrong record label (and that encompasses two singles: “If I’d Been the One” and “Back Where You Belong”). It should be A&M and not Capitol for all these listings.

However, Capitol is indeed correct for all the listings of the single “Teacher Teacher” by the same artist (38 Special) that same year (1984). The soundtrack for the cinematic film Teachers (from which the single came) was released by Capitol Records.

Hello and thanks for writing. You are absolutely correct and was a bulk editing error on my part when we were correcting errors for that year, if that isn’t ironic. I appreciate the help and have the correction noted and we will get to correcting the error as soon as possible. Thank you, again.